They Rolled Out 4 New Carts - Goodwill Thrift With Me

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Description: They Rolled Out 4 New Carts - Goodwill Thrift With Me What fun to have them roll out new carts while I'm there thrifting! Four carts of stuff were brought out! See what I found on this thrift with me adventure in Las Vegas! Join this channel to get access to perks: Did you see something in the video you'd like to buy? Don't wait for me to list it somewhere - 1. send an email to 2. Include your full name, zip code and your offer, 3. This is IMPORTANT! include a screenshot of the item OR the timestamp and which video it is from 4. If we agree on a price I will send an invoice via PayPal I'll be selling some cool things here - Get $10 off your first purchase! Do you want to learn to sell on eBay? Here is the Proven eBay Course which takes you step by step through starting and running your own eBay business and takes all the fear away! I want everyone to succeed! I unfortunately can not answer all the questions here in comments. For help with eBay and other sites - Join my interactive group for Online Sellers Here is a link to The NICHE Lady's Ebay store :​ (I ONLY RESPOND to messages related to Ebay transactions. If it is not listed please email me instead I can not provide ebay advice or identifications that is what the Niche to Profit Facebook group is for) Want to Register to bid in my live sale auctions? Email me at: With your YouTube Name - Real Name - and Zip code and you are all set! Here is what NICHE Lady uses to cross post to other sites List Perfectly Cross Posting Software Get 30% off your 1st month with the code TheNicheLady Worthpoint is a tool the NICHE Lady uses to get more information on items and research marks There is a 7 day free trial available! Considering purchasing the ROLLO Label Printer? I'd appreciate you using my affiliate code to support the channel​ To send some love: The NICHE Lady 6955 N Durango Dr Suite 1115, 299 Las Vegas, NV 89149 Here is my Buy/Sell group on Facebook - All are welcome to participate! Please note some of the above links are affiliate links but rest assured I would never recommend something I didn't use myself and fully stand behind! #Reseller​ #Thrifting​ #Thriftwithme #Ebay #Ebayreseller #LasVegasthrifting #letsgetshopdone
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