The Race For Mental Health 2021 - 23 HOURS OF ZOLDER PART 2

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Last year we ABSOLUTELY SMASHED our fundraising goal, hitting nearly £72k raised for Mind. Even a year later, that amount fills me with pride and admiration for Sim Racing community.

Mind is an amazing charity which provides help and support to those experiencing mental health issues. Not only that, but they actively try and raise awareness around mental health problems and how they can be approached.

CURRENT PRIZES (donate any amount over £1 to enter)
- 2x Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals + Baseplate
- Fanatec CSL DD & Pedals + McLaren GT3 Wheel
- Various gift cards for (2x£100, 4x£50, 4x£25)
- HKS Merch bundle
- 3 Praga Merch bundles
- 4 Praga posters from Pop Bang Colour
- Race used Praga R1 Brake disc, signed by every 2021 Praga driver + Romain Grosjean

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