Sprint Car Racing as never seen before, an insight to the wild ride

Duration: 2:55 Views: 325K Submitted: 9 years ago
Description: There’s no other motorsport quite like Sprint Car Racing. With a power to weight ratio similar to F1, controlling 900+HP to the rear wheels of a 658KG car on dirt is like taming a wild beast. Using a super slow motion camera for the first time in Sprint Car Racing has resulted in footage never seen like this before. Jump on board with American Kyle Hirst to experience the rush of Sprint Car Racing.

The Dreamers

Allan Hardy

D.O.P / Phantom Flex Operator:
Andrew Buckley

Red Epic Operator:
Allan Hardy

Technical Lighting Director:
Cam Pianta

Lighting Assistant:
Simon Harrington

3D Animation / Colour:
Marc Purnell

Audio Engineer:
Oliver Lyu

Allan Hardy