WOMEN OF SPEED | Deegan, Price, Golden, Force

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Description: Monster Energy's 'Women of Speed' are paving the way for women in the motorsports industry. Hailie Deegan is setting the standard for NASCAR by ignoring stereotypes and gender norms, and bringing a level of competitive badass energy that you won’t see every day. Sara Price discusses her latest accomplishments leading to racing in Extreme E and how she’s making space for woman in the motorsports industry. Vicki Golden is breaking barriers in the motocross world, but this time, through business. Brittany Force continues to push herself and create a powerful female footprint in NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing. Come along for the ride with Monster Energy's 'Women of Speed' and see what it's like. Follow us: http://www.instagram.com/MonsterEnergy http://www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy http://www.twitter.com/MonsterEnergy https://www.tiktok.com/@monsterenergy http://www.youtube.com/MonsterEnergy #WomenOfSpeed #Motorsport #MonsterEnergy
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