Mark McMorris and Seb Toots Shred Custom Built Terrain Park | Uncorked

Duration: 3:14 Views: 2.1M Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: ►Click here to rethink the terrain park with Mark McMorris:
Technical features over technical tricks is the mandate for McMorris and Toutant’s new project, 'Uncorked'. Mark McMorris and Sebastien Toutant are two of the best in the business of slopestyle snowboarding. They can go bigger and flip faster than us mere mortals will ever be able to, and they each have a bag o' tricks that go deep enough to keep them at the top of podiums around the world.

...But snowboarding's not always about the gnarliest tricks and mega kickers, and the boys aren't keen on progressing the sport to just become that. 'Uncorked' is their take on growing snowboarding through creative features, high speed shredding, and stomping classic tricks with the style and ease of a winter Sensei. So sit back and enjoy 'Uncorked', and let it be a reminder to us all how much snowboarding fu**ing rules.

Featured athletes:

Mark McMorris

Seb Toots

Scotty James

Mikey Ciccarelli

Craig McMorris

Yuki Kadono

Tyler Nicholson

Produced by: Anthill Films

Instagram: @Anthillfilms


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