Preparing for the Slot Car World Championships - How can a set screw affect the axle so much?

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Description: The 2022 ISRA Slot Car #worldchampionships are nearly upon us. I am off to Latvia soon to compete. I have started my preparation and wanted to share these tips about preparing for some of the races. If you have #races where you have to use "handout" #chassis and #motors then there are some tips for you in this video. I have also included footage of the #track that will be used for the world championships and you can see a #qualifying run by one of the top teams. Here are some AMAZON links to the tools used in this video. As an Amazon Associate I earn a very small amount from qualifying purchases... *** ROTARY TOOLS *** Tack Life Cordless Rotary Tool (UK Only) - Tack Life Cordless Rotary Tool (USA Only) - Proxxon Rotary Tool (Collet version) - Proxxon Rotary Tool (3 Jaw Chuck version) - Proxxon Rotary Tool with adjustable multi-unit power supply - Proxxon Micromot fixed speed with power supply (EU Only) - Proxxon Micromot adjustable speed without power supply (EU Only) - Parkside Rotary Tool (UK ONLY - Battery Powered) - (I have 4 of these myself and they are excellent) (I have 4 of these myself and they are excellent) CleaveTech contact information: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Web: Email: Slotblog:
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