MAXXIS Kart Racing's MODIFIED MAXX DADDY $5000 to Win!

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Description: Alright y’all! Time for the dog leg of Maxxis tires! So just some details. Also it’s our first time doing this, I’m sure there is a better way, but bare with us. Race start 03:23 ****The Announcement on Facebook will be on the 29th not the 24th, the eligibility will stop on the 24th***** 1. Like this video. 2. YOU NEED TO COMMENT so we can put your name in the entry. 3. YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED 4. Hit that notification bell so you know when the next video comes out! 5. We will be announcing the winner on Facebook live, so go follow Josh Mayzes on there so you’ll know when we announce the winner. 6. This will be held from the date of this video till next Wednesday exactly. So tell your friends, family whoever to get in on this! Thank you so much for the support cannot thank everyone enough! This is the Maxxis Kart Racing Modified MAXX DADDY $5000 TO WIN. During the BIG O TRIBUTE event held at Iron City Motorsports Complex in Blacksburg, SC. Y’all check out the race it was definitely a good one! This race had the best of the best limited modified dirt track go kart racers in the country here. Top Notch Competition. Please take a Moment to like, Comment and Subscribe! Helps us out more than you know! For Y'all 212 Guys, or anyone interested in small engines, Check out @Kentucky Fried Fixes very Informative and Thorough! For another great channel with Pov footage via cambox check out @James Stanley Jr. Maxxis Kart Racing/ Goldspeed USA - Phantom Racing Chassis - Check us out on TikTok! If Y'all are in a race, or want to see a race that we don't post on YouTube, message us we can send it to y'all! #gokartracing #Bigotribute #openmodified #Limitedmodified #Karting #tiktok #nascar #CleetusMcfarland #PhantomRacingChassis #briggsandstratton #Maxxiskartracing #kartinglife #maxxistires #asmr Big O tribute Liberty Raceway Park Triple T Raceway Coleridge Speedway The Old Stateline speedway Mountain Creek Speedway Millbridge Speedway Low Country Kartway Clone 390 Clone 375 Clone heavy Clone Medium Clone 425 Predator Motor Harbor Freight Motor Honda Clone Motor NASCAR Flat Kart racing Go kart racing Karting Champ Kart Daytona Dirt Track Racing Go Pro Hero 10 Go Pro Fail Tik Tok Compilation TikTok Mashup North Carolina South Carolina Simpson Racing Mychron 5 Maxxis Tire Maxxis Nationals WKA World Karting Association F1 Karting Fails Go kart wrecks Limited Modified UAS Unlimited All Stars Open Modified Flatheads Jr Sprints Sprints legend outlaw karts Crown Jewel Tour lando norris Stock heavy Stock super heavy All pro Ultimate Kart series shifter kart Ultimate Saturday night special Ace series Sr Champ Champ karts Best Race Cleetus Mcfarland Mini Cup Car Open Modified Go kart Crashes PhantomRacingChassis GoldSpeedUSA Gambler Racing Products
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