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Description: In this effortless golf swing tip I teach you how to get the feeling you should have as you swing your club. I touched on this in a previous effortless golf swing tip but I can show you this drill enough. All you have to do is practice this simple drill at home, at the range and even when you play. Do this drill with irons and woods. It's the same feeling. If you're not feeling what I suggest in this tip you are solely hitting with your arms. This will never give you an effortless golf swing so watch this tip and immediately start doing it. Then as you swing your irons and driver get the same feeling. If you do, you will finally learn how to get the same the feeling I have as I swing my clubs. Free samples from my Body Swing book and video series here: ------------------------------------------------- My Websites ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- My Channels ------------------------------------------------- Tip Link:
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